How we do dirt work better

  • Dirkworks Company's LLC

    Team Approach

    We make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to project management. That means, you can go up to any team member on-site, from foreman to crew member, and our guys will be well-informed enough to be able to answer questions you may have regarding the project. 

  • Dirkworks Company's LLC

    Embrace Technology

    We work smarter, not harder. We utilize technology when it's appropriate, but not over budget. From GPS controlled equipment down to electronic timesheets for all employees technology helps us stay efficient, organized, and innovative on-site to the office. 

  • Dirkworks Company's LLC

    Lean Organization

    What does that mean for you?

    We maintain a small business mentality, so that means you will not have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get your questions answered regarding a current or future project you might have in mind. Time is never wasted. 

  • Dirkworks Company's LLC

    Walk The Talk

    We pride ourselves on our reputation in the dirt world. That's because we hire dirt workers who have the same values and morals as us. It makes it easy to stick to our word and keep up our reputation both on site and off. 

  • Dirkworks Company's LLC

    All About Our People

    When people get hired at DW Companies, they become a part of the DW family...and they're treated like it! We are interested in their career and long-term goals both personally and professionally. We make sure they know they are appreciated and are an important part of our team!

  • Dirkworks Company's LLC

    Self-Performed Work

    DW Companies is a well-rounded company that hires guys and gals with many talents. This helps us self-perform nearly every step of the initial construction phase on a site. We have the ability to handle all erosion control, demolition, excavation, grading, and even underground utilities whether it's on a 0.5 acre site or a 40 acre site.